conferences & publications


April 2021, Annual Graduate Conference in European History-GRACEH: Motions of Knowledge – Knowledge in Motion, University of Vienna
title: "Expert Knowledge Production and Modern Retail in Socialist Yugoslavia, 1950s-1960s"

October 2019, Architecture and Bureaucracy: Entangled Sites of Knowledge Production and Exchange, Brussels
poster: "The First Yugoslav Department Store in Zagreb: Planning and Building Department Stores under Yugoslav Self-Management, late 1950s-early 1960s" download it here

September 2019, PhD Workshop: Symbolic Materliaty and Atmospheres of Space in Southeastern Europe, University of Hamburg
title: "Department Stores as Exhibition Spaces: The Self-Service System and Planning of Retail Spaces in Socialist Yugoslavia in the 1960s"

April 2019, BASEES Annual Conference, Cambridge
title: "Building the New Socialist Reality? Envisioning the Relationship between Modern Retail and Urban Planning in Zagreb in the 1960s"
part of co-organized panel: "Constructing YU Visions: Architecture, Urban Planning and Power in Yugoslavia(s)"

November 2018, PhD Workshop: State-Led Modernization - A Tool to Analzye and Explain Wider Developments, Ruhr-University, Bochum
title: "Self-Service and Self-Management? Department Stores and the Modernization of Retail in Socialist Yugoslavia in the 1960s"

July 2018, 26th Conference of Young Experts in Eastern Europe, University of Leipzig
title: "Department Store in Novi Zagreb: Spatializing Consumption and Leisure in Socialist Yugoslavia"
part of co-organized panel: "Spatial Order(ing) of Cities in Socialism (1960s-1970s)


"Book Review: Gender, Generations, and Communism in Central and Eastern Europe and Beyond. Artwińska, Anna, and Mrozik, Agnieszka, eds." Rast Central Europe 48, 1 (2021): 132-138

"Book Review: Coca-Cola Socialism: Americanization of Yugoslav Culture in the Sixties. By Radina Vučetić. Translated by John K. Cox." Hungarian Historical Rewview 8, 1 (2019): 251-253

"The Unrealized Department Store "Na-Ma" in Trnje: Ambitions and Challenges in Expanding the Retail Network and Creating the Urban Space in Zagreb in the Early 1960s." Peristil: Scholarly Journal of Art History 61, 1 (2018): 213-227

additional training

Center for Teaching and Learning, Central European University, Budapest/Vienna
CTL Program for Excellence in Teaching in Higher Education (certificate)

July 2020, Summer School "Gender History of Eastern Europe: Methods & Perspectives", Higher School for Economics, Moscow, Russia (online)
paper “Women Experts and the Modernization of Retail and Urban Environments in Socialist Yugoslavia, 1950s-1960s”

February 2020, Using Photo Essays for Social Sciences, CEU, Budapest, Hungary
organized by the Visual Studies Platform & taught by Eszter Bíró (Glasgow School of Art)

August-September 2018, Urban Summer School: Open Form, Lublin-Warsaw, Poland
organized by the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning in Warsaw and the Center for Urban History in Lviv on the work of Zofia and Oskar Hansen and modernist housing estates

the publication can be found here

July 2015, CAVILAM – Alliance française de Vichy, France
one-month summer course in French