conferences & publications


October 2019, Architecture and Bureaucracy: Entangled Sites of Knowledge Production and Exchange, Brussels
poster: "The First Yugoslav Department Store in Zagreb: Planning and Building Department Stores under Yugoslav Self-Management, late 1950s-early 1960s" download it here

September 2019, PhD Workshop: Symbolic Materliaty and Atmospheres of Space in Southeastern Europe, University of Hamburg
title: "Department Stores as Exhibition Spaces: The Self-Service System and Planning of Retail Spaces in Socialist Yugoslavia in the 1960s"

April 2019, BASEES Annual Conference, Cambridge
title: "Building the New Socialist Reality? Envisioning the Relationship between Modern Retail and Urban Planning in Zagreb in the 1960s"
part of co-organized panel: "Constructing YU Visions: Architecture, Urban Planning and Power in Yugoslavia(s)"

November 2018, PhD Workshop: State-Led Modernization - A Tool to Analzye and Explain Wider Developments, Ruhr-University, Bochum
title: "Self-Service and Self-Management? Department Stores and the Modernization of Retail in Socialist Yugoslavia in the 1960s"

July 2018, 26th Conference of Young Experts in Eastern Europe, University of Leipzig
title: "Department Store in Novi Zagreb: Spatializing Consumption and Leisure in Socialist Yugoslavia"
part of co-organized panel: "Spatial Order(ing) of Cities in Socialism (1960s-1970s)


"Book Review: Coca-Cola Socialism: Americanization of Yugoslav Culture in the Sixties. By Radina Vučetić. Translated by John K. Cox." Hungarian Historical Rewview 8, 1 (2019): 251-253

"The Unrealized Department Store "Na-Ma" in Trnje: Ambitions and Challenges in Expanding the Retail Network and Creating the Urban Space in Zagreb in the Early 1960s." Peristil: Scholarly Journal of Art History 61, 1 (2018): 213-227